ММСО-2020 - Программа - Мероприятие From EFL & Dyslexia Innovative Teaching to Re-Creating Pedagogy for a Sustainable Future

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Aggeliki Pappa, the world class inventor of the 1st complete Method globally for EFL & Dyslexia, gets ready to share practical tips & tools for effective inclusive EFL teaching in innovative, imaginative & engaging ways that pave the way to a New Edu-Paradigm for a Sustainable Earth of Peace & Prosperity for all.


Александр Гизи

Куратор конференции по изучению английского языка, основатель


Αggeliki Pappa

Visionary Edu-Inventor, teacher trainer, Edu-Preneur humanitarian activist in the UN, researcher, author, & a TEdx, world class influencer Speaker to more than 20 Countries